New Technology

AGi electrodes with massive silver insert

With the continuously increasing price of silver on world markets we began the manufacture of electrodes that showed the best price to a given output ratio in the market.

We have developed an electrode with specially inserted silver insert, which together with high quality machined hafnium insert, provides output close to silver electrode at a significantly lower price.

Standard electrodes with silver insert

AGi electrodes are designed to be replacement of standard copper OEM electrodes.

Improved electrodes with silver insert

AGiMAX electrodes are designed to be alternative for SilverPlusTM original electrodes.

We have developed electrodes with integrated massive silver insert

Best power / price ratio

Common rules for plazma cutting process optimalization and and how to achieve possible consumables longest lifetime.

  • Keep the consumable parts in a clean place. Contaminated parts indirectly contaminate the coolant and damage the cooling system of the plasma source.
  • Most of the problems with the low consumables life are caused by insufficient cooling - state of the cooling system. Therefore do not take it lightly maintenance and change the coolant according to manual to a plasma source.
  • Leave when you first started to blow gases in the range of 30 to 60 seconds. In the hoses during the shutdown moisture condenses and it could damage the burner. Repeat the procedure for replacing consumable parts, as in the burner still remains coolant from the previous firing.
  • Check the actual burner height compared with the set voltage on the console.
  • Be sure to check the status of consumables. Replace the damaged parts. Damaged o-rings may cause leakage, mixing coolant with gases, or gases with each other. Everything participates in a significant reduction of consumable parts life.
  • Do not interrupt the arc, which is mostly caused by run-off burner out of the field of sheet metal, or by an error in the program. These errors may reduce the life of components of more than 70%.
  • Protect the outer shield and nozzle from sticking slag with cleaning or better with combination of cleaning and the use of quality release agent.

Practical test proved that AGi and AGiMAX electrodes are capable of maximal burn of hafnium insert up to 2mm.


Silver has very good electrical and thermal conductivity. For practical applications, it is usually used as an alloy with other metals to improve the mechanical properties in particular. Disadvantage of pure silver is purchase price what increase price of final product, which is billed to customer. For the best heat removal is much better to use silver material only along the hafnium insert what leads to ensure sufficient hafnium cooling(improved electrode lifetime). In the view of full utilization of silver material attributes is usage of silver insert optimal construction solution for improved electrodes.

Combination of copper electrode body with silver insert remain advantages of the whole silver electrodes which are higher cut speed and long lifetime.

Full Compatibility
Our production is fully compatible with OEM consumables, torches and lead sets.
You can simply change the OEM part to our and continue with cutting process.