Hypertherm Plasma Spares


Pos. Ref. no. Order no. Description
1 220163 J-1126 Torch adapter, back piece, OEM
2 220162 J-1128 Torch, front piece, OEM
3 220232 J-1131 Mounting tube, standard, l=200mm / d=50mm, OEM
3 220516 J-1132 Mounting tube, long, l=283mm / d=50mm, OEM
4 128986 J-1133 Complete lead set, 2m, OEM
4 128935 J-1134 Complete lead set, 3m, OEM
4 128934 J-1135 Complete lead set, 4.5m, OEM
4 128784 J-1136 Complete lead set, 7.5m, OEM
4 128987 J-1137 Complete lead set, 10m, OEM
4 128785 J-1138 Complete lead set, 15m, OEM
4 128988 J-1139 Complete lead set, 20m, OEM
NS 220573 J-1140 Adapter BEVEL, with own mounting tube, OEM


Pos. Ref. no. Order no. Description Qty
1 220705 J-1170 Torch head adapter, HPRXD, OEM 1
2 220706 J-1171 Torch head, HPRXD, OEM 1
3 220789 J-1172 Mounting tube, standard, l=181mm, d=50.8mm, OEM 1
3 220788 J-1173 Mounting tube, short, l=114mm, d=50.8mm, OEM 1
3 220790 J-1174 Mounting tube, long, l=248mm, d=50.8mm, OEM 1
NS 220864 J-1175 Mounting tube, rotate, l=146mm, d=50.8mm, OEM 1

Overview of load sets w/o torch/adapter for HPR130XDTM and HPR260XDTM - straight cutting

Pos. Ref. no. Order no. Description Qty
4 228410 J-1176 Lead set, standard, 2m, OEM 1
4 228411 J-1177 Lead set, standard, 3m, OEM 1
4 228412 J-1178 Lead set, standard, 4.5m, OEM 1
4 228413 J-1179 Lead set, standard, 6m, OEM 1
4 228414 J-1180 Lead set, standard, 7.5m, OEM 1
4 228415 J-1181 Lead set, standard, 10m, OEM 1
4 228416 J-1182 Lead set, standard, 15m, OEM 1
4 228416 J-1183 Lead set, standard, 20m, OEM 1

Pos. Ref. no. Order no. Description Qty
NS 228517 J-1184 Lead set, BEVEL, robot, 2.4m, OEM 1
NS 228482 J-1185 Lead set, BEVEL, robot, 3m, OEM 1
NS 228483 J-1186 Lead set, BEVEL, robot, 3.6m, OEM 1
NS 228484 J-1187 Lead set, BEVEL, robot, 4.5m, OEM 1
NS 228485 J-1188 Lead set, BEVEL, robot, 6m, OEM 1
NS 228486 J-1189 Lead set, BEVEL, robot, 7.5m, OEM 1
NS 228487 J-1190 Lead set, BEVEL, robot, 10m, OEM 1
NS 22848 J-1191 Lead set, BEVEL, robot, 15m, OEM 1

Accessories for consumables assembly and removal

Pos. Ref. no. Description
1 104119 Wrench for electrode and nozzle removal, OEM
2 104269 2” wrench, OEM

Accessories for consumables aditional protection

Pos. Ref. no. Description
1 SILPA-1 Silicon grease for o-ring protection, 25ml
2 KERSP-1 Ceramic spray for consumables better heat protection

Accessories for cooling systems

Pos. Ref. no. Description
1 028872 Cooling liquid, 1 gallon = 3,8l, 0° C - 40° C, OEM
2 028872/JS Cooling liquid - 5l, 0° C - 40° C, suitable replacement
Pos. Ref. no. Description
1 DIGI-1 Digital meter for hafnium depth burn.
Full Compatibility
Our production is fully compatible with OEM consumables, torches and lead sets.
You can simply change the OEM part to our and continue with cutting process.
OEM original part.
NS not shown.
Setup of cutting values like for example gas pressure, cutting speed, cutting height etc. Must be always consulted with plazma source original manual !
All components what come into contact with air must be clean out of any impurity like oil, vaseline and other !