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JS Cutting, S.R.O. is a modern and young company from Czech Republic. We are a manufacter of spare parts and Consumables for Plasma CNC Cutting Machines Hypertherm, Kjellberg and Thermal Dynamics.

  • Our History
  • Present
JS Cutting, S.R.O. was founded in 2008 in Czech Republic as a private manufacturing company with only two employees. From this very start our company was orientated only on B2B business model - highly focused on selling to Russian market.
  • - 2009 we decided to expand our products to job shops and started with B2C business dealing
  • - 2010 we made 2 divisions, one strictly manufacturing and one selling department
  • - 2012 was very successful for us, we have developed AGi welded technology for electrodes which helped us with expansion and exports
  • - 2014 was our firm formed into the Limited company ( Ltd. ) with 25 employees working on 3 shifts Monday-Friday

JS Cutting, Ltd. have now 20 employees ( 15 in production, 5 in sales ). Our machine park is equipped with the latests models of horizontcnc machines. Thanks to this we can be very stable by the quality and delivery terms.

In our network you can find more than 300 job shops all over the world, 80% of them comes from Europe.

In Germany, Italy, Serbia, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, India, Brazil and Russia we have our distributors and partners.

By our clients you can find for example Škoda Automotive and Train transportation LLC, Czech Republic; Volkswagen AG ( Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH ) Germany, TOPLAS nv Belgium, etc.

All the products which we are selling are made in our facility only - we do not use any subcontractors.

By the end of this year we would like to cross a turnover more 10.000.000 EUR.